Pellenc opens Provence equipment testing centre

Recycling sorting specialist Pellenc ST has opened a new ‘Technical Centre’ at its headquarters in Provence, France, dedicated to product research and development.

The site includes more than 1000 m² dedicated to optimising performance, improving equipment quality and service.

An interior view of the Pellenc technology centre

An interior view of the Pellenc technology centre

The centre, which forms a part of a €3 million investment by the optical sorting specialist, has been organised into three main sections: prototypes, industrial testing, and training.

The prototype area has several laboratories: electronics, electro-technical, and optics and is devoted to research projects and the validation of future technologies.


Commenting on the development, Jean Henin, Pellenc ST’s chief executive, said: “The company is investing €3 million during two years for this new industrial centre. It was important to give us the means to go even further in our research and development, and to increase the quality and performance of our products.”

The centre is equipped with all of the technologies available in the company’s industrial catalogue. This is to test new critical components as well as to test the capabilities of the equipment on more than a dozen applications.

The centre also permits the combination of two machines sorting in sequence with different technologies which, Pellenc claims, is crucial to simulate performances of the machines in real conditions.

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